Tipton County Health Department
101 East Jefferson Street
Tipton, IN 46072
Phone:  765-675-8741
Fax:  765-675-6952

Office Hours:  
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
8am to 4pm

8am to 5pm

Immunization Clinic Hours

for Kids

Tuesday by appointment


Call for an appointment


Tipton County Health Officer
Kevin Condict, MD

Tipton Co. Health Nurse / Health Educator Lisa Filbin, LPN

Emergency Prepardness Director 
Nolan Pyke

Secretary/Registrar/Office Manager
Dee Welch

Jessica Haney


A seven-member Board of Heath governs the Tipton County Health Department. Board members are appointed the Tipton County Commissioners.

The Tipton County Health Department shall strive to inform, protect, and improve the health of all citizens of Tipton County. The staff will accomplish this by providing health care needs through prevention, promotion, education, sanitation, assessment, and nursing care, with professionalism, respect, dignity, and privacy toward the citizens.


Blood pressures are provided with no appointment necessary during routine Health Department hours. Total Cholesterol and Blood Sugar testing are available during health department hours. Tuberculosis testing, Lice Checks and Lead testing for children up to six years of age are available as well.

The Tipton County Health Department, can arrange group health screenings for the community, clubs and organizations. We can also arrange for a speaker for your group on many health related topics. Please call us to discuss available activities.

A clinic for immunizing children against preventable diseases is held in our office at 101 E Jefferson Street. Please call
(765) 675-8741 to schedule an appointment. It is best to call for your child's first appointment by the age of one month. We strongly recommend that you follow your physician's recommendations for well-child visits. A $5.00 donation is accepted for childhood immunizations. We also offer some immunizations, for adults. Please contact us to determine availability and cost of adult immunizations.

The Sanitarian of the Tipton County Health Department deals with issues of Environmental Health. The Sanitarian provides education to the public and enforcement of health laws, codes and ordinances. The sanitarian is involved with air and water quality, sewage disposal, food protection and inspection, vector control, animal bites, nuisance complaints and environmental emergencies.

Food Service
Anyone serving food to the public, no matter if a fee is charged or not, should notify Tipton County Health Department before opening. If it is new construction or any type of remodeling, contact Tipton County Health Department 30 days prior to construction. If you are a registered not-for-profit organization, you do not pay a fee, but may still be required to follow food sanitation regulations.

Birth and Death Records
All Tipton County birth and death records are available from 1882 to the present. Requirements for receiving a birth or death certificate are as follows,

1. Completed application (obtained from the Health Department)
2. Photo ID (ex, drivers license)
3. Fee
4. Birth Certificates can only be issued to self, mother, father, grandparent, children(over 18), aunt, uncle.

Ruth Jordan Fund
The Ruth Jordan Fund was established to aid Tipton County residents needing some financial assistance in their battle against cancer. Any one residing in Tipton County may apply for help through the Tipton County Heatlh Department which is the custodian of this fund. Donations may be made to the Ruth Jordan Memorial Fund in care of Tipton County Health Department, 101 E Jefferson Street Street, Tipton, IN 46072.
Emergency Prepardness
The Public Health Coordinator works with the emergency response units of Tipton County, to facilitate emergency preparedness. The following website provides further information, if you have any questions please feel free to contact the Health Department.